Saturday, April 08, 2006

Update on "Lookout Hill" condo project

The intrepid folks at The Real Deal and (as well as Wired NY and likely others) have posted on this previously, but here's a little update on the Lookout Hill condos going up at 199 State Street, just near the BHoD. That less than loved structure does not seem to have given pause to developers in the area, as these condos are targeted at high end customers.

Here are the basics on the development:
studios at 677sf from $470,000, 1 bedrooms at 913sf from $625,000, 2 bedrooms at 1074sf from $815,000, and 3 bedrooms at 1629sf from $985,000. Features include "oversize windows, terraces, common garden, oak floors, Poggen Pohl cabinetry, Viking appliances, Kohler fixtures."

You can find the developer's site here:

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Speaking of brunch

Speaking of brunch... Cafe LuLuc had quite a crowd waiting to sit this past Sunday. We were walking by and were impressed. In fact, they seemed to have the biggest grouping that we saw that day, but what do others have to say about local brunch spots? Who else throws together a good one?

Now for something a little different

Right next door to our new national chain apparel store is one of the early entrants to the Smith Street Brooklyn restaurant stretch -- Banania Cafe. However, they have scratched the name off and posted the following note:

"Neighbors, we will be closing until April, when we'll reopen with a new name, a new dinner menu, and a whole new look, but we'll be offering the same Banania Brunch. Hope to see you then!"

We look forward to it. Any knowledge or thoughts on the upcoming changes?

Goodbye mom and pop?

We don't think so, yet anyway. But its a slippery slope.

As our first post regarding our new neighborhood we wanted to take a moment and reflect on the nature of the local businesses in the area. Boerum Hill, and we would argue many of the other neighborhoods nearby, have been dominated almost exclusively by 'mom and pop' and similar establishments.

That changed dramatically recently. In our view at least. While the type of clothing they sell might be seen as fitting into the somewhat hipster-ish culture along Smith Street (its pretty yuppified if you ask me), the fact that LA-based American Apparel, a national (nay, international) chain has entered the neighborhood is significant. We sense that the dramatic and booming development the area has sustained recently with Atlantic Avenue complexes going up almost every block may be a connected phenomenon. We're not going to pass judgement too quickly, but we're not thrilled with national chains. On the other hand, perhaps they bring options to the neighborhood, and fill up some of those empty storefronts?

Thoughts on the new nabe

We started with a renovation blog, a link to which you'll see on the sidebar, and this running commentary on community, real estate, architecture, and urbanity seemed a natural outgrowth. We'll say though that while at some point we'll be quite active in the observing and posting business, right now it will be difficult with a pending wedding and renovation, just to mention two. That said, we are excited to be engaging just that incremental step more with our community and neighbors. Looking forward to it.